Roman Sanine

I build websites, mobile apps, and embedded systems.

Recent Projects

Tag Sack

Tag Sack is a customer engagement program for restaurants, coffee-shops, and other brick-and-mortar shops. It's a mobile application bundled with a campaign management interface that lets business owners or managers engage with their customers on their phones.


BathBeats is an online store that sells waterproof Bluetooth speakers in Russia and Europe. I designed the logo, helped evolve the brand, and developed an ecommerce solution complete with analytics, product management, and referral tracking for their web-based business.

BitStrat Tower Defense

BitStrat is a 2-player real-time Tower Defense game. It is 100% skill-based, meaning there are no sources of chance. It was started as a project that would allow players to bet Bitcoin wagers, but the wagers are currently disabled. The wager engine is still in development, and will be launched sometime in 2014.

Latest Blog Posts

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