Hi, I'm Roman.

I full-stack web developer, designer, and embedded systems engineer. I build effective tools for organizations and consumers.

Tools like scripts that automate tedious tasks, tools that make sense of data to help you make better decisions, tools that help your customers find your products easier. In short, digital tools that allow organizations to thrive in the modern era.


Why I Care

For as long as we humans have been on this planet, we've been crafting all kinds of tools to reduce the burdens of survival. Little by little, as more tools were invented, machines became intergrated into daily life, we could get more things done is less time. We optimized crop yields, we could travel further, we became less occupied with survival, and began to thrive.

Today, the cutting edge tools for modern survival are in digital form – search engines, social networks, graphical simulations, analytics tools, and self-optimizing algorithms. They're tools that make people and organizations smarter, better connected, and more aware of the nature of their current and future existence.

By carefully studying business problems, and understanding what technologies are available and relevant, we can unlock idle value being lost to the frictions of dated tools.

If you think I could bring value to your team or next project, I'd love to hear about it!

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