Business Process Automation

BPA involves modelling elements of a process using digital media. BPA can streamline routine tasks, eliminate human errors, enforce correct operational procedures, notify stakeholders, interface with other third-party services, and offer valuable insights for business decisions.


MS Office
MS Office

Case Study

OrganizationSystem-On-Chip Technologies
Business UnitSales and Technical Support
  1. Existing customer relationship management process was manual, time consuming, required significant human attention and confirmation.
  2. Latest customer status updates were out of sync, scattered among multiple members of the team.
  3. There was a lack of coordination between sales and engineering regarding specific customer technical requirements for shipping.
  4. Remote sales team was out of sync regarding latest status of their accounts.
ProposalCustomer relationship-management web application, accessible via browser.
  • Database of key process elements (customers, products, orders, and inventory).
  • User interface made it easy to add and update process elements.
  • Dashboard sorted orders by priority based on date, and size of the deal.
  • Clever object-oriented design using object references and auto-complete, eliminating duplication of data.
  • Flexible, extensible schema allowing easy run-time adaptation of element fields.
  • Faster response times for customer support and sales inquiries.
  • Faster product lead-times, eliminated product configuration mistakes.
  • Remote sales team always up-to-date with latest status.